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...In reading 2 Chronicles 20:15-16, we see that the Prophetic brought a shift in the atmosphere.

As you and I abandon ourselves to our KING in Worship, a hunger for more of Him will be inspired in others.

'For I Myself am to her,' declares Yahweh, 'A wall of fire all around, and I will be the glory in her midst'. Zechariah 2:5

... A WORSHIP WARRIOR is one adores... The Great I AM
... A WORSHIP WARRIOR is one who adores... The Great 'I AM'

"All of my tabrets and hand-made products are designed with the sole purpose of worshiping God in an expressive way. Bezalel, is referenced in the Bible in the book of Exodus chapter 31. He was a master artisan, filled with the Spirit of God and highly skilled in excellence of design. A Bezalel spirit is sought after with each beautifully designed worship product I make.

The products in the WORSHIP WARRIORS e-Store are especially for; worshipers of all ages from children to adults."



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WORSHIP WARRIORS offers: worship accessories, sequin beaded appliques, Messianic themed products, tambourines - tassels, children's products and more...
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